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Boya-Żeleńskiego 6A

Instalbud Sp. z o.o.

As a general contractor we offer a complete range of services required for implementation of investment projects. We seek to be recognised among the top five Polish construction companies specialising in projects related to energy systems and environment protection. The features that distinguish us from our competitors are speed, diligence and quality of workmanship.

Environment protection

We implement projects related to environment protection and water management systems. These include construction, expansion and modernisation of water treatment plants as well as water supply and sewage systems.

Network construction

We provide a complete range of services, as a General Contractor, in investment projects related to internal and external networks, including projects based on contractual conditions defined in FIDIC red book (construction) and yellow book (construction and design).

Large-size structures

Operating as a general contractor, hired by the investor, we build, expand or refurbish large-size structures such as residential buildings, public facilities, as well as special structures.


We carry out projects in the areas of industrial construction, public utilities and energy systems.


We also operate abroad – in Germany and in France, where our Company is a well-tested partner in implementation of contracts related to multi-family housing as well as installations.

Property development business

Since 2012, IBG Investment has been involved in property development operations. Our catalogue of products includes apartments, terraced houses and detached houses.